Saturday, July 17, 2010

Great Saturday

Cincinnati Street Car Blog

Our studio are on the front of the Cincinnati Street Car Blog!
Awesome to see the Urban Transportation Studio getting some press!

Out this morning with Jince and Ben conducting interviews at Findlay Market, researching the mobility and lifestyles of market goers. Some great insightful conversations were created, most memorably a fellow from Covington who owned a new truck and liked to drive it... a lot (600 miles per week). After hearing about the truck we were surprised to find that he thought the street car was an awesome idea, and would be willing to take it to work every morning. We also found that a large number of the people interviewed were considering buying bicycles. (yes!) The times are ripe for change.

After the market we biked down to New Port and had a relaxing afternoon by the river!

Good Saturday!

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